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Art Murmur

Art Murmur Kathy Altman , Lori Saltzman , Cathy Ryan
This training has EXPIRED

From June 6th, 2019 to June 13th, 2019

Organised By : Open Floor International
Animated By : Kathy Altman, Lori Saltzman, Cathy Ryan

Art allows us to find and lose ourselves at the same time. - Thomas Merton

Art Murmur is for anyone who believes they are not an artist, and everyone who knows they are. Together we’ll slip into the river of creativity and let its current carry us. We’ll dance outside the box, draw outside the lines, pursue imperfection, and listen for the stories, old and new.

Our weaving tools are dance, writing, visual art and theater. Each form feeds the other as we drop the polished self, revealing the unfinished works of art we are. We honor each other’s soulful uniqueness, and feel the deep common threads between us.

Pure presence can feel daunting, but all it really means is telling our truth moment to moment. Art lovers and art avoiders all welcome.

Kathy and Lori are excited to join with Cathy Ryan as they bring Art Murmur to Europe for the first time.


Price: $930 USD (€825); $850 (€750) before February 1, 2019
Open Floor teachers and trainees: $745 USD (€660)

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Arts / Creativity, Body Language

Experience Level

Beginners and Advanced Dancers Welcome

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